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Top hair care tips

Updated: Jan 29

Good hair days made all of us feel like we can rule the world, right? Managing you tames is a little tricky. There are some do's and don'ts one need to follow to get that hair of your dream. Choosing right kind of products, and right haircare is the must. Here we have listed down some haircare tips for you to follow.

Do not wash your hair daily

Washing hair daily will strip off its natural oil and make it super dry. A minimum of two days gap is important for hair wash. If you have dry hair the, hair wash twice a week is sufficient.

Avoid excessive heat styling

Heat styling will give you beautifully hair for a shorter duration, but in longer run, it will damage your hair. Prefer air dry over blow dry. While using any heat styling product, use any heat resistant to protect your hair from any sort of damage.

Use a wide tooth comb

Never comb on wet hair, let it dry out first and then comb it. Our hair is more fragile when wet. Using a wide tooth comb will prevent any breakage.

Trim regularly

Trim your hair at least once in every 3 to 4 months is healthy hair habit. This will ensure that all the dead ends and split ends are removed.

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