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Listen to your skin

Skincare is subjective and we should really start listening to our skin. We really need to stop using n number of products and then waiting for a miracle to happen. Instead, find out what your skin concern is, do some proper research and then start your skincare.

Why skincare is important?

Lets first discuss the need of skincare. Our skin tends to get damage by a number of factors like stress, aging, lifestyle, or environment. Right skincare will address all these concerns and result to a healthy looking skin.

Skin concerns can be dryness, blemishes, pigmentation, acne, marks or anything. Depending on the issue, you have to pick the right product.

Some tips for the right skincare:

  1. Find out your skin type and then the skin concern.

  2. Build a basic skincare routine.

  3. Stick to it at least for a couple of months to see the result.

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