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Is beauty blogging dead?

There was a time when I loved reading beauty product reviews. The detailed descriptions of products and the creativity in writing the reviews are different. A couple of years back, everyone wants to write blogs, but now we are witnessing a lesser number of people writing or maintaining a beauty blog.

Is beauty blogging dead?

Do you remember a very famous blog known as Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog? This blog was my first exposure to the beauty and makeup industry. I used to write blogs on it and from there I developed my interest in this domain. It is still in existence, but the very core of it has changed now. From writing skincare tips and product reviews they are now more about fitness and nutrition.

Many creators have started their careers by writing blogs only. Do you remember any of them? POPXO and many other platforms too have flourished with blogs.

Over the years, writing long articles shifted to creating 30 to 60 seconds reels. In this fast-moving world, we just want to sit in a corner and scroll down, trying to grab every possible information. On the contrary, I believe you can not compile every detail in just 60 seconds.

Videos are great to display the look and feel of the product. But when it comes to detailing, articles come to the rescue. I feel happy whenever I see an Instagram creator maintaining a blog nowadays. Here’s hoping more blogs will come in future.

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